There are many reasons to use an accumulartor tank. No matter what your different sources of energy is an accumulator tank will offer almost endelss variatons of flexibility. The ability of storing energy at one given time in order to use it at another is the most economical and clever way of heating your home. Effecta offers a wide range of accumulator tanks. All built in Sweden!


When a solar thermal system is installed a accumulator tank will be the heart of the system offering the solar energy collected during the sun intense hours to be used at a later time. In order to get maximum efficiency out of the solar system an high technological tank with stratification offering low return temperatures to the solar collector is cruicial. We know this since we have been working with solar thermal technologies for more than 20 years. The staggering difference between a bad solar system and a correctly confirgured one is up to 50% in efficiency!


We have our own production in house which gives us the possibility to make custom purpose accumulator tanks. 


At Effecta we have a wide range of accumulator tanks in several different sizes to fit all systems and layouts. We can supply accumulator tanks between 500-5000 liters in our standard range. 

  • Bespoke sizing at request
  • In house production in Sweden
  • Solar tanks 500-5000 liters
  • Accumulators 500-5000 liters
  • Insulated with CellaPURtec
  • Protective cover on the insulation
  • Coils for solar or DHW

Products at first glance

Effecta BBS accumulator tank

Multi fuel tank for solar and biomass
All Effecta BBS tanks has three coils, one of the coils at the bottom is designated for solar, another coil in the bottom is to preheat the domestic hot water and cool the solar coil as much as possilble. The third coil is placed in the top for domestic hot water. As the tank is designed the bottom part of the tank will always be as cold as possilbe in order for the solar to have as high efficiecny as possible. The dual coils for domestic hot water will also provide plenty of hot water also at lower temperatures.

Effecta BB accumulator tank

Plenty of hot water
An Effecta BB accumulator tank is designed like the BBS but minus the coil for solar. The coil at the bottom part preheats the domestic hot water before topping of to the right temperature at the top part of the tank. The advatnage of doing this is that there is still plenty of hot water left for the tap from using also the lower temperatures at the bottom before using the hotter temperatures in the top. It prolongs the interval between firing a log boiler and stratifies the tank perfectly.

Effecta B accumulator tank

Basic tank with hot water
An Effecta B tank is the base of our tanks giving domestic hot water. A coil in the top will produce hot water for the taps. Effecta B is one of our most sold tanks and will provide a family household with hot water and heating from their wood log boiler or wood pellet boiler.

Effecta A accumulator tank

Storage tank for energy
An Effecta A accumulator will store energy from firing a log boiler or pellet boiler so that the heat can be used at a later stage. With our high end insulation Cella PS it will store energy for days until the energy is needed!

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