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There are many good wood log gasification boilers in the market today. There are also several good accumulator tanks with great insulation as well as components for heating control and regulation. The function often missing is all of those functions and components tested and developed in to one system. When a system is tested together and working as a whole system the reall efficiency is shown and thats where the user experiences the real difference. There is no greater point to buy a superb wood log boiler with 90+% efficiency and then connect it to poorly insulated accumulator tanks with outdated controles for heating controls. All that will give as a result is excessive fuel consumption and a lot of visits in the boiler room every year. This is something we at Effecta knows and work hard to avoid, we want to supply our system with a well planned and well developed function all the way from the fuel stack to the warm radiator. 


A well built wood log system consists of a efficient wood log boiler, a well insulated accumulator tank with the appropriate water volume for the boiler. When the boiler is fired it will quickly increase in temperature and the produced energy is then stored in the tank to be used at convenience. 

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Above illustration: The most common system component for a highly efficient wood log system
• Wood log boiler
• Accumulator tanks
• Loading units (between boiler and tanks)
• Electrical immerser
• Blending valve for domestic hot water
• Mixer valve for heating regulation
• Circulation pump
• Expansion vessel

The components above gives a well built structure for high efficiency and a good result.

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