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Effecta has since 1982 developed and manufactured wood log boilers. Effecta has constantly been in the cutting edge of the development of technology and combustion. Effecta Smart is a boiler for the future, which meets the highest requirements in quality, environment, design, combustion and safety. The boiler is tested and approved in EN 303-5 212 Class 5. The Effecta Smart is developed and tested for the US market and it is EPA approved. Effecta Smart has one of the highest efficiencies on the EPA list with excellent emission values, the Effecta Smart can withstand comparison, feel free to do so. Effecta has supplied boilers to the US market since 2010 and have a strong believe in the US tradition of firing wood logs.


Effecta Smart is available in two sizes 40kW and 55kW to have the right effect for your house. An important feature of the boiler is it´s large loading capacity of wood logs. The result of the large loading capacity is that it takes fewer fillings of the boiler to produce the needed energy for heating. The gasification chamber in Effecta Smart is 145/195 liters. The least recommended accumulator volume is 1500/3000 liter.


Lambda control on wood heating boilers has been standard for Effecta since 2005, and we are Swedens most experienced company in lambda controlled combustion. Today lambda control is required to meet up with the strict emission levels needed to be met with EPA and other standards. Effecta Smart simplifies your heating by making sure that the logs always burns optimally. With a lambda probe that measures the oxygen in the flue gases, the best possible combustion is ensured. The combustion is done in two steps, first primary air is added to dry and gasify the logs, then the gas is sucked down through the ceramics and the secondary air is added to ignite the gas with a combustion temperature of abount 1100°C. The two damper motors regulates the oxygen level to provide the best combustion and efficiency. Effecta Smart gives you a new experince ond convenience in wood heating. The boiler will always burn optimal without any adjustments and there are minimal of ash due to the clean combustion. Regardless if your loggs are big, small or varying moisture content, the boiler will give you maximum of energy.


Effecta Smart is improved in every detail, build to sustain the tough environment a wood logg boiler often endures. The doors and handles are powerful with a locking device that is adjustable. The doors can be mounted on both sides in order to place the boiler in the boiler room. As standard it is equipped with door cleaning, the heat exchanger is cleaned without you noticing it. This makes the maintenance of the boiler to a complete delight. Every time you open the door to the gasification chamber the heat exchanger is cleaned. Instead of cleaning the heat exchanger every two weeks, it is only needed to be manaully cleaned 2-4 times a year. Open, close, cleaned!


In the control panel on Effecta Smart there is a graphic display that gives you total control over the status of your boiler and your heating system. You navigate with ease through the menus, you can for axample see boiler temperature, flue gas temperture, CO2 levels, efficiency and accumulator temperature.  e-burn also controls the heat to the radiators.  As standard you can control one heat circuit, but there is option that allows you to control up to three circuits. All circuits can be controlled by an indoor sensor, outdoor sensor or both. If you want a constant flow that is also a possibility. With a smart control such as e-burn it is very simply for you as a user to have total control over your heating system and boiler.


  • Made in Sweden
  • Highest efficieny
  • Lowest environmental effect
  • Proven technology
  • The markets most solid doors
  • Door cleaning (optional)
  • Vertical heat exchanger
  • Clean & elegant design
  • Well designed and durable ceramic
  • Acid-resistant and stainless combustion chamber
  • Reversible doors
  • Large gasification chamber 145/195 liter
  • 54cm depth in gasification chamber(35kW & 60kW)
  • Possible to combine with pellets (optional)
  • Preassembled at delivery
  • Cooling coil as standard
  • Water jacketed bottom and gasification chamber

Effecta Smart wood log boiler

Well proven ceramics

Low running costs

The ceramic insert in a Effecta Smart was developed as early as 1996. Ever since the same base and core has been used and only small changes has been done to the heart of the boiler. Why change a perfect part? Our ceramic insert will last 8-12 years in average which makes the running costs very low!

plana solfångare

Bosch Lambda sensor

German quality at it´s best

Already in 2005 we started to use the Lambda sensor from Bosch in our Lambda log boilers, ever since we have been impresser with the reliability and quality of the sensor. The Lambda sensor monitors the combustion and distributes the primary and secondary air to the combustion from it´s reading. Simple, smart and well proven!

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Made in Sweden

Swedish steel, long know how

At Effecta we are very proud to produce our boilers in Sweden with Swedish steel. Sweden has been known for centuries when it comes to high steel quality. Our boilers are built from tradition and know how about materials and design leading to a long life length of the product. 

Prepared for pellets

Future fuel options available

As an option the wood log boilers from Effecta can be bought prepared for wood pellets. At a later stage it is then possible to fit a wood pellet burner in to the boiler and use it as a wood pellet boiler. 


Intelligent controller

In order to achieve the extremely low emissions that the Effecta Smart has a intellgent controller is required. Besides the perfect combustion the Effecta Smart can also control up to three heating circuits to provide a perfect temperature climate in your home as well as maximum efficiency. 

Well built vessel

Well proven

In the Effecta Smart we have gathered all of our knowledge of firing wood logs. Effecta started building wood log boilers in 1982 ever since we have been a innovative company pushing the limits when it comes to efficiency and user friendliness. 

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