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The first model of Effecta Kompett was released in 2008. Effecta Komplett III is the pellet boiler for the customer who wants a convenient and reliable heating solution. The Effecta Komplett III will extract as much energy as possible of your heating system. The boiler meets the toughest requirements for environmental effects and quality, it has an efficieny above 91%. The boiler has been tested an approved according to EN 303-5 2012 class 5 and is on the the lists with the toughest requirements in the world, BAFA (Germany) EPA (USA) and MCS (UK). Effecta Komplett III is available in three sizes 20, 25 and 35kW , which suits most houses and smaller properties.


Effecta Komplett III has many possibilities so it is guaranteed so meet all your requirements. Effecta Komplett III has a built-in shunt, shunt control, el.heater and DHW-preparation while the Light model is used to load a accumulator tank or a water heater. There are several solutions for the pellet storage, depending on how convenient you want to have it. When you fill manually, you can have an external feeder which feeds from a free standing storage, or you can have a built on storage that contains 200 liters. If you want a bulk storage you can feed the boiler either by an external feeder or a integrated suction system. The suction sytem feeds the internal storage through a hose, maximum 15 meters.


Effecta Komplett III light cleans itself automatically after each firing cycle, both convection and combustion, these features increases the efficieny and reliability of the boiler. In combination with large fire chamber and ash compartment, you only need to inspect, clean the unit and empty ashes every 3 tonne. In a normal house, it will be only 1-3 times a year. The boiler has a flue gas fan to keep a underpressure in the boiler, this makes sure that no smoke escapes to the boiler room. The automatic ceramic igniter gives a quick and safe igniton. The  Effecta Komplett III light has minimal moving- and wear parts, which provides the user with a reliable boiler with very low service costs. 


In the front of Effecta Komplett III you have a graphic display which shows the status of the boiler. Clear and simples menus makes it easy to navigate. It is possible to control 3 different shunt groups in the boiler. All groups can be controled by a room sensor, out door sensor or both. If you want a constant flow that is also a possibility. You can select which effect the boiler the boiler should burn with and which temperatures it should start and stop. One extra option for the Effecta Komplett III is the Lambda control, the Lambda control makes sure that the boiler burns optimal in order to retain as much energy as possible from your boiler.


  • Made in Sweden
  • Highest efficieny
  • Minimum environmental emission
  • Reliable technology
  • Fully automatic cleaning
  • Built in DHW-preparation
  • Built in shunt control
  • Vertical heat exchanger rökgastuber
  • Flue gas fan with suction
  • Flexible flue connection
  • Built in elecrtical heater 3-9kW
  • Draft stabiliser
  • Lambda control (optional)
  • Ceramic igniter
  • Clean & elegant design
  • Built in storage (optional)
  • Built in suction system (optional)

Energy labels

Komplett III 20kW

Energy label

Komplett III 25kW

Energy label

Komplett III 35kW

Energy label

Effecta Komplett III pellet boiler

Fuel feed

Flexible feeding solutions

Since all boiler rooms are unique and different we wanted to make the Effecta Komplett III as flexible as possible. The Effecta Komplett III will therefore offer different feeding solutions to fit any layout, it can be fed through an external auger, internal side storage or via vacuum feed with longer feeding distances.

plana solfångare

Lambda control

Maximum efficiency

At Effecta we started having Lambda sensors in our wood log boilers back in 2005. Ever since we have actively been working with Lambda sensors and today they are also available in our range of wood pellet boilers in the Effecta Komplett III series. The Lambda control is optional and all efficiencies as well as envrironmental emissions mentioned are without the lambda.

Smart heating control

In full control!

Effecta Komplett III is always supplied with one mixed heating circuit, the boiler is able to control an additional two mixed heating circuits if needed. The built in controller will then control the heating of the house with information provided with the room sensor, outdoor sensor or them both in combination. All sensors are supplied with the boiler. 

plana solfångare

Made in Sweden

Swedish steel, long know how

At Effecta we are very proud to produce our boilers in Sweden with Swedish steel. Sweden has been known for centuries when it comes to high steel quality. Our boilers are built from tradition and know how about materials and design leading to a long life length of the product. 

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